Sunday, June 3, 2012

Can I Bring them Home with me?

Yesterday we went to Tong-Len and it was the most amazing place i have ever seen. The kids, from the moment we got there were so excited to see us and were so ready to play with us! The first little girl i met was Manju and she was adorable! She clung to me for most of the time and when other girls came over she wouldn't let them hold my hand because she wanted me to only be her friend. Any time i would pick another girl she would be right there waiting to be picked up afterwards. Then her friend Jyoti came over and the two of them were so funny. We started playing hand games so i would start with one and then the other would come and try to get me to start a game with her. It was so cute. At one point i started doing there hair and once i was done they started fighting over who got to do my hair! Words can't even begin to describe what it was like being around these kids. They're so innocent and so full of life....they could literally play for hours! They were absolutely amazing and they loved getting to use my camera! That was another thing they all fought over...who got to use the camera next! I also met this girl Nisha. She's 17 and the oldest one at Tong-Len. She was equally as amazing. When we had to leave she got so sad because she didn't want to say goodbye to me and she didn't want me to leave. She kept asking when i was going to come back. But it was nice because i was able to spend a lot of time with her. She wants to be a doctor which i thought was great especially because i want to be one too. She even gave me henna and its absolutely beautiful! I don't know how she does such intricate designs. She even wrote both of our names on my hand and wrote i love you. Saying goodbye was literally the hardest thing ever. You could tell they were so happy to have us there and never wanted us to leave. They are definitely some of the most amazing kids i have ever met and i miss them so much! Tong-Len is such an amazing place and it really shows in each of the kids i met. It was great to because Erin and I started playing this hand game we love and they knew it, so they would all keep coming over, wanting a chance to play. We even started a big game of one of them and it was so funny because it was one of the boys that won the game every time!

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