Monday, June 4, 2012

Most important day of my life

My dream to meet the Dali Lama came true unexpectedly in India yesterday. We waited in the street along with hundreds of other people just to get a glimpse of him passing by car. You could easily recognize him by his huge smile and I felt an energy pass through my body as he passed by for that brief moment. The reactions expressed his importance in Dharamsala. Jaws dropping and people crying and praying were just a few of these. Later on we went to one of his lectures. The translation on the radio was hard to hear but what I got out of it was the new medical research of how compassion and love is used for healing and growth. Typical Dali Lama talk. The lecture ended with him leaving the building with his big smile followed by applause and picture taking from his audience. I was in such awe that I forgot to even take a picture. Later on in the busy day we went to a school built to take kids out of the slum and give them a place to live and learn and give them hope for the future. These kids were awsome. Everyone in the group quickly made friends with the kids and everyone had a smile. The kids quickly jumped on my "juice" dance and loved to climb on me, play soccer, and watch me box. So much that I even got punched in the face....I taught him how to throw one hell of a cross. Words can't express how much fun and how much I learned in that day so I'm just gonna stop.

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