Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Slums

Today we visited the slums. Going in i really had no idea what to expect. People can tell you all about it but being there and seeing everything is entirely different. Immediately the kids came running up to us all excited to see us. We walked around the slum and got to see there school and the center of things if you will. It was sad at first seeing everything and thinking about how we live our lives and how they live theirs. But once you got to know the kids and played with them it brought out this entirely different side. Though their lives are far from perfect they really appreciate the little things. They were so excited to get little toy cars and silly bands....things we take for granted back home. They were so full of life and loved just being held or playing hand games or being tickled. We watched the older kids school hour...i was really surprised by what they were learning because most of it i had learned when i was older than most of them are now. It was great to see them getting the opportunity to advance and some of them really enjoy it. These kids were so amazing holding the little babys was the best thing ever. This one little boy was sick and it was so sad to watch because you could tell he just wasnt getting enough and yet holding him made such a difference....just being loved and cared about really matters to those kids. 

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