Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Last day

Today was our last day in Dharamsala.  I am really going to miss it here.  Everywhere we go we see the Himalaya mountains.  I have seen some of the most breathtakingly beautiful views.  Today we returned to the youth hostel to see the children.  One little girl painted my fingernails bright orange!  We spent the day laughing and playing games. We played duck-duck-goose, hokey pokey, and clapping games.  One little girl taught me a new game and I taught her one that I had played in elementary school.  I gave her my email address and wrote down a rhyme for the game I had taught her.  She tried to teach me to say, "I like mangos," in Hindi, but I had a difficult time remembering the words.  It finally was time for us to leave and I hugged her goodbye.  She turned to walk into the building, but kept turning back to wave goodbye.  She finally made it into the window, but went to a window to wave out.  It was so hard to walk away.
I will be glad to be back home, but I will really miss the time I have spent in Dharamsala.  I hope to come back again soon.     

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