Tuesday, June 5, 2012


When we visited the Tong-Len hostel, I wasn't sure what to expect. Right at the gates were children of all ages, from the smallest to those about to enter college. They all smiled, and had a pretty decent command of English, which you could see got better as you met the older ones. That day I got many names, and made many friends, and it is my biggest wish to help Deepak and Nisha go to college. Both had really big aspirations: Computer Engineering for Deepak and Nisha wanted to become a doctor. I believe they would be some of the first to graduate from this hostel in the upcoming year.
The work this organization has done for these children is just amazing. Today we had the opportunity to visit the slums from which these children and their families originate. You haven't seen poverty until you have seen these shanty-towns. However I am an optimistic person, and judging by the goals of the children being helped by the organization, they could possibly help provide for a better future for themselves and their families.
I want to come back to Dharamshala after graduation so that I could offer my help to this organization, to the Free Tibet movement, and to further study Buddhism in depth. 

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