Wednesday, June 6, 2012

You've been hit by, you've been hit by... A Smoooth Criminal

Man, I never really knew how powerful the affect was that Michael Jackson had on every part of our world (Rest in Peace).  Nonetheless, the children at Tong Len school today were extremely excited to learn a few moves.  "Put one hand on your head like this.  Put the other on your stomach like this. Bend down. Now up" - this was the way that I taught them to do the world famous Michael Jackson thrust. Words just do not begin to describe the excitement and love that these children, my brothers and sisters, generated.  I believe that you can learn a lot from nature and especially children. The case the message was obvious - your situation does not choose your happiness.  Their smiles reminded me of summer time fireflies - relaxing to the soul, yet enlightening to the world. I really Pray to come back one day.  That is surely the goal.

p.s. I'll never forget you all - keep MJ alive. 

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